Bring is one of the leading Nordic logistics suppliers. Bring Mail provides smart postal solutions in and outside Sweden. E-commerce companies (e-tailers) are an attractive target group.

E-commerce is an interesting and expanding segment for many of Bring’s services. In order to become the e-tailers’ best friend in Sweden, Bring needs to offer smarter and better services than its large stateowned competitor.

Many successful e-tailers are looking to expand their operations geographically. Norway is a logical choice, but its complicated rules for establishing a company, customs, VAT, etc. frequently scare away small and medium-sized e-tailers.

As part of Norway Post, Bring can offer the best distribution solutions in Norway. Bring has also developed a complete service to manage the administrative process of setting up operations in Norway. In principle, the only thing an e-tailer needs to do to get started and sell in Norway is to translate their website into Norwegian.