Duni is a leading European supplier of single-use tableware and take-away products. Restaurants constitute the most important target group and international sales are managed via around 20 subsidiaries. Now it was time to launch Evolin®, a tablecover in a brand new and revolutionary material.

Duni’s marketing strategy focuses on converting restaurants that use fabric covers (usually linen) to single-use products. There are many rational reasons to use single-use products, including economy, convenience and reduced environmental impact.

In spite all of the good selling points, there’s still a large group of restaurateurs reluctant to stop using fabric covers – frequently due to tradition, but also because they’ve invested in expensive linen and/or entered into contracts with firms that rent out covers.

Put another way, the dilemma was that the most important target group had already made up its mind. They knew about single-use products and had actively chosen not to use them.