Sulzer Pumps designs, develops and sells pump solutions and auxiliary equipment worldwide. The company has a global network of 21 manufacturing units, as well as sales offices and service centers in 150 locations. The needs of the wastewater market are met by its ABS product range.

In recent years, Sulzer Pumps has launched whole new generations of energy efficient and reliable ABS EffeX products.

The final – and most important – launch in the ABS EffeX range was scheduled for 2012. Sulzer Pumps was about to become the only global manufacturer with a complete range of IE3 products for the wastewater market. It was time for the ultimate breakthrough and time to prove that the products really did live up to the hype.

Sulzer Pumps operates in a large number of countries, with extensive local marketing. Staging a global launch in a short time frame and at a reasonable cost made it necessary for all companies to accept the central campaign and gain access to a broad palette of communications tools.