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2010 08 dec

Pyramid collaborating with southern Sweden’s leading business system specialist

In mid-October 2010, Decido AB and Kompetensor AB announced their plans to fuse and create southern Sweden’s leading business system specialist. The new company provides a complete and integrated business system offering for small, medium and large companies in a range of different branches.

To create their new branding and communication platform, the two companies chose Pyramid Communications as strategic partner.

Hakan Walberg, CEO of Kompetensor AB says: "With this merger, knowledge-wise, we will be able to offer the broadest base of business systems in southern Sweden. We are investing heavily, and Pyramid gives us a partner team who are not just highly skilled brand strategists and communications experts, but also provides extensive parallel experience as a service consulting company with daily complex challenges their clients have been able to benefit from."

Pyramid agrees. “It as an exciting mission”, says Lisa Sharp, Account Manager at Pyramid. "It's always exciting to be able to contribute to the start of something new – in this case, two already successful companies coming together to invest and become a major player on the market.”

Branding work began in October with brand analysis and positioning work, followed by the development of visual identity, communications platform and communication plan. In January 2011, the implementation of DecidoKompetensor’s market communication drive will begin.

For more information contact:
- Hakan Walberg, MD, Kompetensor AB,, 0768-52 54 20
- Lisa Sharp, Account Manager, Pyramid Communications,, 0705-572331

Ulf Vanselius

2010 03 nov

Metso chooses Pyramid as partner for global communication project

Metso is the world’s leading supplier of solutions for tissue manufacturing, and the company has a global market share of over 30%. Activities within Metso Tissue Business Line (TBL) are carried out from Karlstad in Sweden, Gorizia in Italy and Bideford, Maine, USA. Metso’s Tissue Business belongs to the Finnish Metso Group, which has a turnover of appr. 5 billion Euro per year.

Metso TBL recently chosed Pyramid Communication as its partner in strengthening the company’s communications platform and developing its internal and external communication on a global scale.

“Pyramid proved to best answer our needs for a strategic communication and branding agency with the right competence needed to help further strengthen the Metso brand within the tissue industry,” says Marco Marcheggiani, President of Metso TBL. “Pyramid has international experience and broad knowledge within branding and communication, which we regarded as vital to leading us forward in this important work.”

“The assignment is most interesting and a big challenge because it covers the development of one of the Nordic countries most well-known brands in a highly competitive market,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid.

“To develop a worldwide offer as well as motivate a global organization to deliver this is one of our main competence areas,” continues Ulf Vanselius. “We are the Nordic countries’ most international advertising agency, with 95% of what we produce aimed at markets outside Sweden as 60% of our customers are located there. We have a number of blue-chip customers in the Nordic countries as well as the rest of Europe, USA and Asia.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at + 46 (0)42 38 68 00,

Ulf Vanselius

2010 01 nov

GAIA Leadership chooses Pyramid as its partner

GAIA Leadership chooses Pyramid as its partner to sharpen its positioning and profile before an exciting 2011

Stockholm-based leadership development consultants GAIA Leadership has just begun its collaboration with Pyramid Communication AB on implementing comprehensive branding activities with the aim of further strengthening its positioning in the market. GAIA Leadership expects that the cooperation will produce tangible results during 2011, which is already predicted to be the company’s best year ever.

Johan Grip, Managing Director of GAIA Leadership says, "We have experienced tremendous development over the last year and realized that an important step in our continued success was to sharpen our offerings and marketing messages. The choice of a partner was easy as we immediately felt great confidence in Pyramid's brand strategy skills and have nothing other than very high expectations from our cooperation."

Even Pyramid sees cooperation between the companies as very positive. "In many respects GAIA Leadership is an ideal customer for Pyramid; it has broad support in both the board and management as regards the change process they will implement and is giving us a clear mandate to look at all aspects of the company's brand." says Emma Nilsson, Account Director at Pyramid. "With conditions like these, we have the opportunity to achieve great miracles,” she rounds off smiling.

Branding activities began in October with brand analysis and positioning work, followed by the development of the company’s visual identity, a communication platform and a communication plan. In early January the new positioning of GAIA Leadership's market communication will begin in earnest.

For more information, please contact Emma Nilsson at + 46 (0)42 38 68 75,

Ulf Vanselius

2010 03 sep

Skånska Energi selects Pyramid to support its marketing efforts

Skåne Energy is one of southern Sweden’s more innovative energy groups, headquartered in Southern Sandby outside Lund. The company recently chose Pyramid as its strategic marketing agency partner to strengthen its position in the market. The assignment includes a new branding and communication platform, as well as a new web site.

“Pyramid provided the best answer to our need for a strategic communication and branding agency, with the right skills to develop Skåne Energy's brand and market position," says María Fernanda Bocángel, project manager at Skanska Energy.

“The assignment is particularly interesting since it encompasses products and services that offer great scope for expansion for those actors who manage to position themselves as challengers to the ‘giants’," says Ulf Vanselius, CEO at Pyramid. We look forward to a long-term partnership, and the opportunity to take an active part in the development of an exciting company.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 00 or

Ulf Vanselius

2010 25 maj

Pyramid ranked Sweden’s best B2B agency – for the fourth consecutive year

The results of the Customers’ Best Agency survey (formerly Sweden's Best Agency) conducted by trade magazine Resumé were reported yesterday. For the fourth consecutive year, Helsingborg-based Pyramid Communication ranked highest in Sweden among business-to-business agencies – i.e. agencies that primarily serve manufacturing companies. Simultaneously, Pyramid also won a very honorable silver award in the so-called ‘Elite’ class, where Sweden’s largest agencies compete and both b2b and consumer agencies are included.

The Customers’ Best Agency is a survey in which the best agency is nominated in eleven different categories. The winner in each category is the agency receiving the highest overall rating in the survey responses received. This year, over 1,300 companies rated 183 agencies.

“Of course we are proud of the ratings year on year we receive from our customers,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. “In addition to the silver position in the Customers’ Best Agency, where this year we competed in the ‘major leagues’, we were designated Agency of the Year in Regi’s annual survey as well as Sweden's most popular agency by the daily newspaper Dagens PS. It’s both remarkable and gratifying that an agency from little Helsingborg, with over half its business outside Sweden, ranks so high in these competitions – in which many questions are based on communication with consumers.”

“About 95% of what we produce is aimed at markets outside Sweden, and we are therefore almost never seen in the Swedish media. We work with a couple of dozen Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective niches. Increasingly, we are charged with strategic marketing assignments for global companies who think we measure well against our counterparts in the U.S. and Europe.”

“Our focus on results-oriented communications for international companies has enabled us to substantially increase our own market share during the recession. In 2009, our turnover increased by over 30% and this positive trend continues to hold. In the spring we have begun collaborations with a dozen new larger customers, and there are quite a few more whom we look forward to serving as soon as work load permits, which in itself already makes 2010 a record year for Pyramid”, concludes Mr. Vanselius.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 00 or

Ulf Vanselius