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2014 23 jun

Pyramid strengthens its competence within Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity means how a company through its actions, communication and graphic identity conveys an image of how it wants to be perceived by others. In today's competitive world, where products are becoming almost identical, Corporate Identity represents an increasingly important way to differentiate a company and motivate added value for its products and services.

To enhance our competence in this fast moving area, Pyramid has hired Anders Adolvsson, who comes from a position as Head of Corporate Identity at Kunde & Co, Denmark's leading advertising agency.

Anders is a veteran in the field with extensive experience from both Swedish and Danish agencies. Through the years, he has developed corporate identities for Arla, Tetra Pak, Outukompu, Jabra, Stofa, Solar and Fritz Hansen.

- Corporate Identity is an interesting area for any business that wants to raise its profile and has become an integral component in mergers, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. Over the years, Pyramid has developed more than 50 corporate identities for everything from publicly traded US corporations to smaller, niche technology companies. Thanks to Anders, we are now able to provide world-class expertise and successfully compete with large, international communication agencies.

- Pyramid starts the year with a record strong spring and has already partnered with around ten new companies, says Ulf Vanselius. Besides Anders Adolvsson, we also strengthened our competence on the copy side with Maggie Crusell and Ann-Christine Lindstedt, both English copywriters, returning to Pyramid after having worked on the customer side, as well as Jessica Cederberg, Swedish copywriter.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, at +46 705 163370 or

Ulf Vanselius

2014 31 maj

Medius chooses Pyramid as a partner for further expansion

Medius is a Swedish software solution provider, aiming to deliver world-class business process support. Drawing on deep experience and high competence, Medius delivers IT-solutions that streamline and automate business processes.

Medius is a fastest growing IT-company with customers all over the world. Today, Medius has more than 250 employees working out of offices in Sweden (HQ), Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, USA, and Australia.

–Pyramid proved to best meet our requirements for a digital and strategic communications partner. They have the right skills and resources to support our continued international expansion, says Fredrik André, Global Marketing Manager at Medius.

–The mission is completely in line with our competence profile, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. We look forward to a close cooperation, where we have the privilege to take an active role in the development of an expanding international company, such as Medius.

The project group at Pyramid consists of Emma Nilsson (Project management), Patrik Vult von Steyern and Maggie Crusell (Copywriting), Anna Wiedner (Art direction) and Ulf Vanselius (Strategy).

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, at +46 705 163370 or

Medius is a software company that develops and sells solutions for AP invoice automation, and implements the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics. The company has 1,300 customers, 250 employees and offices in Sweden (HQ), Norway, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, USA, Malaysia and Australia.

Ulf Vanselius

2014 19 feb

Pyramid and Webbyrån Petra – double top ranking in the Agency of the Year 2013

For the eighth year in a row, the ad agency Pyramid was ranked high in the Agency of the Year 2013-competition, arranged by Regi in cooperation with Dagens Industri. In our interpretation, Pyramid is seen as the best major B2B-agency in Sweden.

In the same competition, Webbyrån Petra was awarded a favorable fifth position in the category “Digital agencies 8-15 million SEK”.

The Agency of the Year-competition awards the best agencies in 14 different categories. Winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in the survey conducted among client marketers. This year, over 200 agencies were nominated and rated by more than 3,000 clients.

-It feels great that our customers once again have ranked us as Sweden’s best B2B agency, and also one of the most prominent agencies in Sweden, B2C agencies included, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. A pleasant surprise was also that Webbyrån Petra was ranked as number five in its category. We started Petra in January 2012 and during its first two years we have seen a steady development and an inflow of new clients who clearly appreciate our work.

-Our policy is to only enter competitions where the clients’ opinions matter, and where an agency’s business contribution to the client’s success is judged over time and not based on individual projects. This year’s outstanding results will serve as an incentive for us to become even better in the future, says Ulf Vanselius.

Read more about the Agency of the Year-competition at

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, at +46 705 163370 or

Ulf Vanselius

2014 31 jan

Pyramid opens office in Stockholm

2013 was a financially strong year for Pyramid with increased turnover and a profit of about 3 million SEK. In order to meet demand from companies based in Stockholm, Pyramid now opens a new, centrally located office in Sweden’s capital city.

2012/2013 were tough years for the advertising business, but Pyramid experienced a strong development and initiated in 2013 partnerships with more than 15 customers, including Cramo, Green Cargo, Gyproc, Port of Helsingborg, Hiab, MacGregor, Medius, Pergo, Rydahls, Sandvik, SUN Automation, Sverigetaxi and Öresundskraft. Moreover, for the seventh year in a row, Pyramid was ranked as Sweden’s best business-to-business agency.

- First half of 2013 was tough for the industry, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. Many agencies faced an uphill battle, stumbled and fell, but at Pyramid, we put in an extra gear instead. We are convinced that there is a strong interest to work with agencies that see opportunities, regardless of the economy. Therefore, we have chosen to strengthen our forces by hiring four new employees.

- We have also seen a large inflow of clients based in Stockholm. Therefore, we take the next step and open an office in Stockholm, Ulf Vanselius continues. In the beginning, it will be a service center where we can meet with clients and gather in working groups. The central location in the Waterfront Building means we are where the action is.

- 2014 will be an exciting year in which we aim to grow by at least 10%. We are basically fully booked in the first six months and we have bids out to a handful of international companies, says Ulf Vanselius.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, at +46 705 163370 or

Pyramid is Sweden's most international B2B agency. Over 60% of our revenues come from customers based in Europe and USA. Major customers include AAK, Alfa Laval, ASSA ABLOY, Axis, Bluetooth SIG, Bring, Duni, HemoCue, Nibe, Peab, Pergo, Ruukki, Securitas, Sulzer and Valmet.
For seven consecutive years, we have been the top ranked business-to-business agency in Sweden and 2009 we were voted Agency of the Year in Sweden.
Pyramid, along with the web agency Petra, employs 45 people and is based in Helsingborg.

Ulf Vanselius

2014 07 jan

Pyramid developing new communication concept for Green Cargo

Green Cargo delivers effective and sustainable railway logistics to the Swedish commercial sector. Its network covers 350 locations throughout the country, and via cooperation partners Green Cargo connects the Swedish network to the markets on the continent. Green Cargo has a total turnover of SEK 4.6 billion, with around 450 locomotives and 5900 freight cars that travel a daily distance corresponding to 35 trips around the globe.

Railways are the logistics of the future. Steel wheels roll easily against steel rails, which is why goods moved by electric locomotive travel 300 times farther than truck transports with corresponding CO2 emissions. All types of transport are necessary, but when volumes are high and distances long, rail is the best alternative.

“In terms of experience, Pyramid meets our demands for a strategic communication partner with the right competence and resources to develop our communication and support our business,” says Mats Hanson, Marketing Director for Green Cargo.

“The assignment is perfectly aligned with our competence profile. We look forward to a close cooperation and the privilege of actively participating in the development of a brand as strong as Green Cargo,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid.

The project team at Pyramid consists of Patrik Vult von Steyern (copy), Anna Wiedner (AD) and Ulf Vanselius (strategy and account direction).

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, at 042-38 68 26 or

Ulf Vanselius