Our method

Pyramid applies a carefully defined and well-proven methodology in eight stages, and five modules*. In brief:


Assignment, definitions and goals

Together with you, we define the scope of the assignment. What strategic depth? What goals? What deadlines?


Knowledge gathering and insights

Starts with a full-day immersion workshop to assimilate knowledge about the current situation, strategy and objectives. Ideally, it provides a forum enabling a key group to achieve agreement on goals, as well as an opportunity for a detailed mapping of information and ideas. This is often supplemented by customer and market interviews.


Analysis, marketing communications strategy

Distilling the information gleaned, we develop a base for the marketing and communication strategy.


Communications platform

We develop communication concepts to be activated in the short and long term for recommended channels. The proposal is presented and the strategy, concept sketches and activities are anchored and approved internally..


Creative concepts and production

The creative concepts and marketing material are produced according to the agreed communication plan.


Internal launch

All achievement starts from within. Often, a comprehensive internal campaign serves to focus and strengthen the commitment of all personnel, greatly enhancing the subsequent success of marketing activities.


External launch

Commencement of external marketing activities provides a starting point for customer follow-up by the sales force.


Measurement, analysis and recommendations

Follow-up and analysis of key measurement parameters enables a fine-tuning of subsequent marketing activities.