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Comprend launches integrated offering for tech-enabled marketing and communication
28 Nov

Comprend launches integrated offering for tech-enabled marketing and communication

Multi-award-winning agencies, Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra, Pyramid and Graal, are uniting as one agency, under the Comprend brand. The new agency will establish a new industry category, offering unrivalled expertise in tech-enabled marketing and communication, creating long-term trust and sustainable growth for their clients.

The five agencies have collaborated in a common business area in Aura, previously H&H Group of agencies, since May 2022, and have a strong track record in B2B, B2C and corporate communication. The new Comprend is now embarking on an ambitious mission to drive transformative impact for clients by bridging the gap between marketing and communication.

With technology as an enabler, the new agency boasts over 300 specialists across Sweden, Finland, the UK and Poland. By bringing deep expertise and perspectives together, Comprend offers services including marketing, corporate communications, tech and digital business, performance and analytics, and brand, on a global level for clients that include Saab, Diageo, SSAB, Vattenfall, SCA, Alfa Laval. Comprend will be best placed to partner with clients with complex needs by enabling them to engage with a wider team of specialists and more integrated offerings.

Martin Petersson, President Aura and CEO of Comprend says:

“This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am excited to continue this journey together with colleagues and clients. I strongly believe in the greater value created for clients by combining the different perspectives of five agencies becoming one. Our strong track record of collaboration makes me confident that we will bridge the gap between marketing and communication and truly increase the effect of our services using smart technology. Comprend plays an important role as the tech lead in Aura’s strategy to be a long-term partner to clients for trust and sustainable growth.”

Visit next.comprend.com to learn more.

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Martin Petersson, President Aura, CEO Comprend


+46 70 97 112 91

About Comprend

Comprend has 300+ specialists across Sweden, Finland, Poland, and the UK with a mission to deliver transformative impact in marketing and communication, using technology as an enabler.

Comprend offers extensive expertise with a strong track record in B2B, B2C and corporate communication. The offering comprises a unique combination of perspectives within marketing and communication together with strong tech capabilities to create extraordinary results for clients.

The new agency brings together the expertise of five Aura agencies: Nordic Morning’s data-driven marketing and digital services, Comprend’s strength in digital communications for listed companies, Pyramid’s focus on creating brand and communication strategies for international B2B brands, Petra’s deep behavioral and technical expertise for global B2B clients, and Graal’s track record in building magical experiences that transform brands and the people who love them.

About Aura

Aura (previously H&H Group) is a leading consulting group with the mission to be the best partner for ambitious clients in building trust and driving sustainable growth with technology as an accelerator. Our capacity spans over 10 agencies and 600 specialists in Sweden, Finland, the UK, and Poland.

Aura gathers specialists in business consulting, strategic and financial communication, sustainability, brand journeys, creative, tech-enabled communication and marketing and data-driven growth. Together, we transform companies, change perceptions, and create lasting value for businesses and society.

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