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2008 15 dec

Pyramid commissioned to develop a new global communication platform for Axis

Helsingborg-based Pyramid Communication has been commissioned to develop a new global communication platform for Axis, one of Sweden's fastest growing businesses and a global leader in network video solutions.

Axis is a driving force behind the transition from analog to digital video surveillance, and the company's products and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring, based on innovative, open technical platforms.

Axis is a Sweden-based IT company in the security market, acting globally through its own organization in more than 20 countries and through partners in more than 70 countries.

Axis was founded in 1984, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

“Pyramid demonstrated a combination of strategic thinking and creativity that we judge can help us strengthen our global market position", says Karin Sellberg, Director of Corporate Marketing at Axis. “Pyramid is one of the few agencies in Sweden with the right skills and resources to properly manage truly demanding international assignments.”

“Axis’s communication challenges are fully in line with our competence profile. We look forward to a close collaboration, and the privilege of taking an active part in the development of such an expansive enterprise”, says Ulf Vanselius, Pyramid’s CEO. “During 2008, we shall develop the new communications platform, which will be implemented globally starting 2009. We expect Axis to be one of Pyramid’s largest customers. This further reinforces the positive trend which we have experienced despite the current economic climate.”

“Pyramid increased its revenues by around 25% during 2008, and we see good prospects for continued growth. Pyramid has an expertise in international B2B marketing that no other advertising agency in Sweden can come close to”.

The Axis work group at Pyramid is Micco Grönholm (brand development), David Vaughn (copy), Kristoffer Akesson (AD), Carl-Gunnar Hanson (project management) and Ulf Vanselius (strategic development).

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius or Carl-Gunnar Hanson at +46 42 38 68 00.

Ulf Vanselius

2008 11 dec

Pyramid ranked Sweden’s best B2B agency – for third year running

Results were reported yesterday, December 10, for the annual Sweden's Best Agency survey, which is carried out by trade newspaper Resumé. For the third year running, Helsingborg-based Pyramid Communication ranked highest among business-to-business agencies; i.e. agencies working primarily with industrial advertising. Pyramid also defended its fifth place from the previous two years in the so-called ‘Advertising Division One ' – where consumer agencies are also included.

Sweden's Best Agency ranks agencies in twelve categories. The winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in the survey replies. This year, 1,633 companies responded, rating over 200 agencies.

“Of course we are proud and delighted about the ratings we receive every year from our customers”, says Ulf Vanselius, Pyramid’s CEO. “It is remarkable that an agency from Helsingborg, with over half of its activity outside Sweden, ranks this high among Sweden's advertising agencies – and this in a competition where many questions are posed from a consumer advertising perspective”.

“95% of what we produce is destined for markets outside Sweden, and we are therefore seldom visible in Swedish media. We work with about 25 Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective niches, and we’re receiving a growing number of strategic assignments for global companies who think that we measure up well to our counterparts in the U.S. and Europe.”

“Our focus on results-oriented communications for international companies has resulted in our entering into new collaborations with seven large clients. We now actually see a need to employ new staff, despite the tough year that large parts of Swedish industry have ahead.”

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 26 or

Ulf Vanselius

2008 20 nov

Pyramid nominated Sweden’s Best Agency – for third years running

For the third year running, Pyramid has been nominated Sweden’s Best Agency, and this year we’re the only B2B agency from Skåne. Nominees were announced in this week’s issue of the advertising trade newspaper Resumé.

Each year, Sveriges Bästa Byrå (Sweden’s Best Agency) awards the best agencies in eight different categories, based on the highest scores received on a survey polling some 1,600 active clients. This year, more than 200 agencies were ranked.

“Pyramid has increased its revenues some 25% this year, establishing collaboration with 10 new clients, including AAK, Atlas Copco, Axis, Bring, Establish and Rittal.

“Pyramid always aims to work long-term with its customers, developing communication solutions that combine creativity with good business sense. After all, brand building is about improving business,” says Ulf Vanselius, Pyramid’s CEO.

“Despite the current economic situation, we see good prospects for continued growth in 2009, because we have an international marketing competence that no other Swedish advertising agency can match” says Ulf Vanselius, Pyramid’s CEO.

Read more about Sveriges Bästa Byrå at

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius +46 42 38 68 26 or

Ulf Vanselius

2008 05 nov

Pyramid and Synsam Swedish Open develop cooperation

As Official IT Supplier, Pyramid will sponsor the Synsam Swedish Open tennis tournament for further three years. The cooperation also includes the new WTA contest that will give Båstad two wonderful tennis weeks.

During the past six years, Pyramid has continuously developed and upgraded the tournament’s homepage, which was named one of the best sites on the ATP circuit. is well visited year round, not least thanks to the ticket booking service that accounts for about 70 % of ticket sales. During the tournament week in July, one can follow match scores online, something that more than 300 000 unique visitors did in 2008.

Our cooperation is also much appreciated by Pyramid’s customers, who get the chance together with their families to participate in entertaining activities in Båstad during the tennis week.

Ulf Vanselius

2008 15 okt

Moving’s new communication platform published

Moving is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of logistical solutions for warehousing, distribution, picking and general materials handling.

Pyramid developed Moving’s new communication platform and profile, which are now launched in all media channels.

Ulf Vanselius