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2011 07 sep

AkkaFRAKT chooses Pyramid as a partner for its continued success journey

The transport and logistics group, AkkaFRAKT, has grown rapidly in recent years and currently has 250 partners and over 600 vehicles rolling on the southern Swedish roads. AkkaFRAKT’s headquarters is in Malmö, with its regional offices in Lund and Åhus, that supply great coverage in the area in which they expect continued growth.

In order to continue gaining market shares and meet increasing competition, AkkaFRAKT has selected Pyramid to review its strategy platform, positioning and brand. ”We have a couple of years of steep growth curves behind us and have set even tougher targets ahead, so we will invest heavily in our sales and marketing in the coming years,” says Fredrik André, Marketing Manager at AkkaFRAKT. ”Reaching our goals will require an organization that works well with us and has sharp communication with our audiences.”

Pyramid views the cooperation with AkkaFRAKT as very intriguing. ”AkkaFRAKT has a long and fascinating history and is one of Sweden’s fastest growing carriers. We see great opportunities to build a strong brand around the company’s core values and genuine entreprenurial spirit,” says Emma Nilsson, Account Director at Pyramid. ”We look forward to keeping the wheels in motion in the coming years,” she concludes.

The cooperation will start immediately after the summer holidays and will result in a new branding and communications platform in November.

Ulf Vanselius

2011 31 aug

HemoCue chooses Pyramid as its new global advertising agency

After a thorough evaluation of a number of advertising agencies, HemoCue has selected Pyramid as its new global advertising partner because of the focus on international communication and brand strategy Pyramid represents.

HemoCue® AB develops, produces, and markets unique products for Point of Care testing. The fundamental concept behind HemoCue products is to perform common blood and urine tests at the Point of Care without sacrificing the accuracy and precision offered by a central clinical lab. Tests that are fast and easy to perform – by anyone.

“HemoCue is facing many exciting challenges the yeas ahead. Our products for Point of Care testing is constantly focused on simplifying the everyday lives of personnel involved, without compromising quality. Our development is now opening up new opportunities, segments and target groups. Pyramid proved best to meet our requirements for a strategic branding and communications partner with an international scope. We need a partner who can help us strengthen our position and our offerings through creative communication with strong roots in the company’s original values,” says Mats Lindfors, Marketing Director at HemoCue.

“The mission is fully in line with our profile and we look forward to working closely with HemoCue where we get the privilege to take an active part in the development of one of Sweden’s most exciting companies. The cooperation starts directly to develop a new brand strategy and communications platform,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid.

The group from Pyramid working on the project are as followed: Rikard Jevinger (Account Manager), Micco Grönholm (Branding), Ann-Christin Linstedt (Copy), Henrik Stierna (Art Director), Jan Axelsson (Technical Project Leader), Fredrik Holst (Production Manager).

For more information, contact:
Rikard Jevinger, Account Director, Pyramid Communication AB, 042-38 68 78,
Mats Lindfors, Director of Marketing and Legal Affairs, HemoCue AB, 0431-48 13 19,

Ulf Vanselius

2011 31 maj

Pyramid ranked as the best B2B agency in Sweden — for the fifth consecutive year

The results of the Customer’s Best Agency survey (formerly Sweden’s Best Agency) conducted by Novus and trade magazine Resumé were reported yesterday. For the fifth consecutive year, Helsingborg-based Pyramid Communication ranked highest in Sweden among business-to-business agencies. Simultaneously, Pyramid also won a very honorable silver award in the so-called “Elite class,” where Sweden’s largest agencies compete and both B2B and consumer agencies are included.

The Customer’s Best Agency is a survey in which the best agency is nominated in twelve different categories. The winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating from the survey responses collected. This year over 1,300 companies rated 183 firms. (

“Of course, we are proud of the ratings we receive from our customers year after year,” said Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. “In addition to the silver award in the Customer’s Best Agency, a few months ago we were ranked 7th in the Agency of the Year survey, which is a similar survey carried out by Regi, in cooperation with Dagens Industri. When you combine the two surveys, Pyramid is ranked for the second year in a row as Sweden’s best advertising agency.”

“About 95% of what we produce is aimed at markets outside Sweden, and we are therefore almost never seen in the Swedish media. We work with a couple of dozen Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective niches. Increasingly, we are in charge of strategic marketing assignments for global companies who think we measure well against our counterparts in the U.S. and Europe.”

“Our focus on results-oriented communications for international companies has enabled us to substantially increase our own market share during the recession. In 2010, our turnover increased by almost 30% and we added 4-5 new employees to our staff. The positive trend continues this year. In the spring we have begun collaborations with a handful of major companies, including Duni, Enfo, Elopak and CellaVision, and more are waiting in line who want to cooperate with us.”

“We can already see that 2011 will be a record year,” concludes Ulf Vanselius.

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at 042-386826 or

Ulf Vanselius

2011 17 maj

Duni chooses Pyramid for international product launch

Duni is a leading European provider of attractive and functional products for table settings and take-away containers. Duni brand products are sold in over 40 markets around the world and the brand is a market leader in Central and Northern Europe. Duni has approximately 2,000 employees in 17 countries with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and production units in Sweden, Germany and Poland. The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Duni has recently chosen Pyramid as their communications partner for a strategic product launch in its Professional division. This works with restaurants and hotels and has successfully penetrated large parts of the European market. Duni Professional includes napkins, tablecloths, placemats, tableware and candles.

“We have chosen to work with Pyramid for the development of the communications and branding strategy for a major international product launch. We were convinced by their approach and their great professionalism,” said Anna-Karin Fäldt, Project Manager at Duni.

“The assignment is particularly exciting because it involves the development of a very strong brand in a highly competitive, international market in order to create a powerful communications platform and plan of activities for the launch that Duni can use globally,” said Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid.

“Duni will be one of our larger and more challenging assignments,” said Micco Grönholm, Director of Brand Development at Pyramid. “We’re off to a flying start with the strategic process this spring.”

The group from Pyramid working with Duni consists of: Ulf Vanselius (strategy), Micco Grönholm (branding), Lisa Skarp (project management), Jason Ross (copy), and Henrik Stierna (art director).

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at 042-38 68 00.

Ulf Vanselius

2011 12 maj

For the fifth consecutive year, Pyramid has been nominated for the Customer’s Best Agency

For the fifth consecutive year, Pyramid has been nominated for the Customer’s Best Agency (formerly Sweden’s Best Agency) and is the only B2B agency nominated in southern Sweden this year. The list of nominated agencies was presented last Friday by the trade magazine Resumé.

Customer’s Best Agency is a competition where the best agency is nominated in nine categories. The winner of each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in the survey responses according to: Ability, Knowledge, Business Value and Delivery Performance. This year, scores were received for over 200 agencies from more than 1,600 participating buyers of agency services.

“We at Pyramid have a stated strategy to maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We develop communications solutions based on a strong strategic base tied to creativity, professionalism and feeling,” said Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. “In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, we were ranked highest of all B2B agencies in Sweden, and it is obviously inspirational to us that those who participated in the survey still appreciate our work.”

“We work with more than 30 Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective niches. Pyramid has expertise in international marketing that no other advertising agency in Sweden comes close to and that is what makes us an attractive partner for these types of businesses,” said Ulf Vanselius.

Read more about the Customer’s Best Agency at:

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at 042-38 68 00.

Ulf Vanselius