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2019 07 nov

Websites created by Petra/Pyramid ranked number 1 and 2 in Europe

Stora Enso and SSAB have the best and second-best websites in the basic resources industry in Europe, according to Comprend’s latest Webranking. The annual ranking is Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites and the only global ranking that is based on stakeholder expectations.

Stora Enso’s website got a score of 73.9 out of 100, and SSAB got a score of 72.7. The average score in the basic resources industry was 52.4.

“In our annual Webranking, we look at the 500 largest companies in Europe,” says Helena Wennergren, head of research at the digital agency Comprend. “We also look at additional companies in a number of European countries in order to generate national rankings, and then we further rank the world’s 100 largest companies – in total, we look at close to 900 companies.”

The websites are ranked according to 50 core criteria, which all reflect the needs of job seekers and stakeholders from the capital market.

“Our ranking is a tool that can help companies improve their web sites to make sure they offer the information the stakeholders want and expect,” says Wennergren.

The websites of Stora Enso and SSAB are developed by the digital agency Petra and Pyramid.

”Stora Enso and SSAB are two very professional organizations that see the potential a good web presence brings. Both websites have also been awarded ‘Sitecore Site of the Year’ – SSAB in 2016 and Stora Enso in 2018,” says Cristoffer Crusell, Managing Director at Petra.

Ulf Vanselius

2019 03 sep

ESS chooses Pyramid Communication as a new communication partner

The world’s most modern materials research facility is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden. The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European collaborative project that, when put into use in 2023, will give researchers from around the world new knowledge of different materials down to the atomic level, with the help of neutrons. The communication agency Pyramid was recently chosen as ESS’s communication partner after a European-wide procurement process. The estimated value of the contract is SEK 16 million over four years.

ESS can be compared to a giant microscope that is 100 times more powerful than existing facilities used to look into materials. This means that we can expect groundbreaking discoveries in a number of areas, since the researchers will have new possibilities to analyze materials down to the atomic level. ESS will give us an increased understanding of everything from enzymes to solar energy – so we can develop new technologies that reduce our environmental impact. We will be able to learn more about our bodies and the emergence of diseases – so we can develop new and more effective medicines. We will also be able to develop lighter, stronger, cheaper, and more sustainable materials.

“ESS will work with the great challenges of this century in materials technology, health, sustainability, and climate change,” says Martin Sjöstrand, Head of Communications at ESS. “Our mission also means that we are facing a major communication challenge, since we need to offer insight into the opportunities that ESS opens among a number of target groups in our 13 member countries – from politicians to researchers.”

“This means that we need a communication partner that has international experience, deep technical understanding, and the ability to strengthen the ESS brand through strong communication in, above all, digital channels,” Sjöstrand continues. “After a careful evaluation of about ten European agencies, we opted for Pyramid, since they best met our high demands.”

“We are proud to be part of one of Europe’s largest and most important industrial projects,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. “The demands of ESS for deep knowledge in branding, international communication, and digital technology is a perfect match for our expertise. Highlighting all the possibilities that ESS offers Europe and Sweden will be an extremely exciting and inspiring challenge, and we are looking forward to it.”

For more information, contact

Ulf Vanselius, CEO Pyramid
Phone: +46 70 516 33 70

Ulf Vanselius

2019 02 sep

Stora Enso and Petra Digital Agency win the 2019 Sitecore Experience Award in the Best Business Impact category

Once again, Pyramid and Petra (Sitecore Platinum Partner) proves that size does not matter. Being named the EMEA-Nordic winners of the 2019 Sitecore Experience Awards in the category Best Business Impact for its web solution created for Stora Enso, Petra consolidates its position as the Sitecore knowledge leader in the Nordics.

Each year, Sitecore, the global leader in customer experience management, credits the digital agencies who demonstrate how their Sitecore solution delivers outstanding value for their customers.

The Sitecore Experience Award winners are the very best at delivering truly customer-centric digital experiences. The Best Business Impact category recognizes impressive achievements against defined goals and KPIs, as well as evidence of measurable business results—increased sales, conversions, market share and factors such as reduced costs, streamlined processes, increased efficiency and expansion of operations.

“For Stora Enso, this award is an acknowledgement of the hard work and detailed planning that goes into creating a website. From day one, our aim was to build something with the customer more firmly in the center. I think we have achieved that,” says Russell Mattinson, Head of Digital Engagement at Stora Enso.

Pyramid and Petra has more than 15 years of experience working with Sitecore and operates on all digital fronts, focusing on all the possibilities the platform gives within personalization and customer experience building truly powerful websites.

“We are proud to have been a part of creating the truly customer-centric approach that Stora Enso was aiming for. We are also happy to be a partner in the new digital route for one of the premier companies in the Nordics.” says Rikard Jevinger, Account Director.

“We are truly delighted that Pyramid/Petra has won this prestigious award together with Stora Enso”, says Cristoffer Crusell, Managing Director at Petra. “Not only does it clearly illustrate the extremely high level of commitment invested by both our teams, it is also an important recognition for our strive to continuously disrupt the traditional IT industry.”

“We are also grateful for the opportunity to be a partner to one of the leading renewable materials companies that truly contributes to a circular economy and sustainable future”, continues Cristoffer Crusell. “I would like to thank all the people involved, both here and at Stora Enso, who have invested their hearts and minds to create a thing of extraordinary value. Or to paraphrase Ingmar Stenmark, one of the most prominent Swedish athletes ever, the harder we work, the luckier we get.”

For more information, please contact
Cristoffer Crusell at +46-703-156906 or
Rikard Jevinger at +46-42-386878 or

Pyramid is Sweden’s most international B2B agency, with customers that include 30 of the largest companies in the Nordic region. More than 50% of our revenue comes from business outside of Sweden. In Sweden’s Agency of the Year competition, Pyramid has ranked as the top business-to-business agency for fourteen years in a row and was named Agency of the Year for 2018. Pyramid, Petra and Graal have over 60 employees and are based in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The digital agency Petra develops business-driving solutions for the web, social media, mobile apps and more, being a Platinum Partner to the leading DXP platform Sitecore. Petra is a sister company to Pyramid and Graal.
Some of the Group’s customers are Alfa Laval, Beckers, Bosch Rexroth, Hiab, Rettig ICC, SSAB, Sandvik, Stora Enso, Sulzer, Tetra Pak, Tibnor, Trelleborg and Valmet.

Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper. The company employs some 26,000 people in more than 30 countries and its shares are listed on the Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Stockholm (STE A, STE R) stock exchanges.

Rikard Jevinger

2019 01 sep

10 digital business trends for 2020

The digital agency Petra publishes an annual list of the ten most important digital business trends set to shape the industry in the year ahead. This list, published since 2012, focuses on the digital trends that help companies drive sales and position themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

In 2020, the following trends will determine your business opportunities:

1. Digital advertising systems will get even smarter
In recent years, there has been a major focus on the power of digital advertising in directing campaigns towards specific target groups and achieving short-term results. And the ad systems are becoming even smarter: now you can determine who should see what type of ad with mindboggling accuracy. This means that if you want to build your brand, digital advertising can ensure that as many potential customers as possible in your target group are exposed to the ads, and that the ads are as visible to them as possible. You can also do activation-driven campaigns with greater precision than ever by targeting people who are “in-market”, i.e., who are close to a purchase decision.

2. Google’s BERT launch affects SEO
BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is one of Google’s most significant updates since 2015. It has proven successful in comprehending the intent of a search query. BERT affects longer, more conversational queries where the context of the words in the query are difficult to understand. Keep an eye on your organic traffic via long-tail searches.

3. AI and machine learning become everyday tools
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is expanding at an even faster rate next year. Companies are now selling easily managed cloud-based tools at reasonable costs. For example, IBM offers an AI chat bot that you can configure in ten minutes. And this October, Sitecore launched Auto Personalization as a part of their Experience Platform. Another example is Coveo, a search-and-recommendations tool designed for Salesforce, Sitecore, Dynamics365 and other applications.

4. [Digital] emotions become increasingly important
B2B customers have a different emotional connection to their vendors and service providers than consumers. This connection has often been overlooked, but it is just as strong and important for sales as the B2C connection. Your communication in words, films, images, typography, colors and UX need to convey the emotional arguments that drives sales.

5. Extended reality (XR) gets its business breakthrough
XR is the combination of the VR and AR worlds – with a VR headset you can place a holographic piano in the room that you can play on. XR has been used in the gaming world for a couple of years, and in 2020 the technology will make its big breakthrough in business, according to the author, futurist and Forbes writer Bernard Marr. XR will become increasingly important for everything from training to simulations, and it will be used to develop methods to interact with customers.

6. IoT data becomes a marketing tool
All connected devices (IoT) will provide a data goldmine for marketers. The data can give advertisers the ability to run personalized, contextual, and location-based ads. For instance, if you are near a supermarket where you regularly shop, location-based ads or push notifications could show you a list of groceries you might want to buy, based on your historical data and consumption patterns.

7. Computer-based vision and facial recognition go mainstream
There is not only a wide roll-out of new gadgets for consumers – there are also many new B2B solutions hitting the market, such as cameras and software that can automatically detect defective products or logistic problems on production lines. Several camera suppliers offer advanced solutions related to smart cities – not only for crime surveillance, but also in areas such as public safety, mobility, and environmental monitoring. Computer vision solutions are also making facial recognition a hot topic.

8. The need for a consistent consumer experience increases
Creating great customer experiences and optimizing user journeys across all touchpoints in customer-centric ways leads to success. Customers engage with companies with different devices in different channels, but they expect the customer experience to stay consistent wherever they engage. If they, for example, search for product information via their mobile phone and buy the product on their laptop, it’s important that the user experience is optimized throughout the customer journey.

9. A 360 view of the customer helps provide real value
A customer data platform (CDP) centralizes customer data from all sources where customers interact with a company and makes this data available for other systems. When you have the customer’s behavioral data from marketing, sales, customer service, and the devices and services they are using (IoT) in one place, you get a 360-degree view of the customer and know how to interact and provide real value to them. CDP can be used for data-driven marketing and user experience personalization on scale.

10. Data and analytics light the path to increased profitability
While data has been a hot topic for the past 10 years, many companies are only now realizing that they lack strategies and plans for how to utilize their data. What should be done with the data, and how can they enrich that data? Is it IT's responsibility to manage the data, or is it a job for the marketing department? Analytics provides a foundation for powering customer insight and further marketing actions. Marketing organizations need to build more knowledge and capabilities to take full advantage of their data.

Ulf Vanselius

2019 01 aug

Pyramid and Petra Digital Agency both nominated for Agency of the Year 2020

For the 15th year in a row, Pyramid has been nominated for a top ranking in the Agency of the Year competition, conducted by the research company Regi in collaboration with the publication Resumé, among others. In the same competition, the digital agency Petra has been nominated again in the category “Digital 7-25 million SEK.”

The Agency of the Year competition determines the best agencies within fifteen different categories. The winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in a survey conducted among clients. This year, 142 agencies met the qualification requirements and received ratings from several thousand customers.

“Of course we are excited about the nominations,” said Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid, Petra and Graal. “It is fantastic that both of our agencies are among the best in Sweden in their respective categories. We’re keeping Helsingborg’s flag flying high!”

“Pyramid has done very well in this competition over the past 15 years and was awarded “Agency of the Year” in 2018. Since two years we are competing in the category of Sweden’s largest agencies with a revenue of more than 50 million SEK,” continued Ulf Vanselius. “We have a long record of top rankings and are Sweden’s highest-rated B2B agency. It goes without saying that we are hoping to win our category this year and once again become the Agency of the Year.”

“Petra Digital Agency was named Digital Agency of the Year in 2014 and is again nominated in this category. We started Petra in 2012, the digital agency has seen steady development with new clients who clearly appreciate our work.”

Read more about the Agency of the Year competition (Swedish only)

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42-38 68 26 or

Agency of the year

Ulf Vanselius