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2023 09 jan

Pyramid, Petra, and Graal – all three nominated for Agency of the Year 2023

Agency of the Year is Sweden's most extensive survey on Client-Agency relations. The best agencies are nominated for the title in 17 categories each year. The winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in the survey responses received from clients. Almost 2,000 communication buyers evaluate more than 250 agencies in Sweden.
Pyramid, Petra, and Graal, now part of the H&H Group, are all nominated for the finals in Agency of the Year 2023.

  • The B2B agency Pyramid participates in the "Advertising SEK 25M+" category.
    Pyramid won the Agency of the Year in 2018 and is nominated for the seventeenth year in a row

  • Web agency Petra participates in the "Digital SEK 25-50M" category.
    Petra won Agency of the Year 2022 and has been in the finals the ten times the agency has participated in the competition 

  • Brand agency Graal participates in the “Brand & Design category SEK 5-20M".
    This is the first time Graal has participated in the survey.
– We are thrilled about the nominations, says Emma Widerberg, General Manager at Graal. The fact that all three of our agencies are among the best in Sweden in their respective category is just fantastic. Helsingborg has long been home to several successful advertising agencies, and we are proud to be among them.
– Web agency Petra won Agency of the Year for the second time in 2022. It is incredibly wonderful that we are again nominated in this tough digital category, says Cristoffer Crusell, CEO of Petra.
– Pyramid has had an excellent placement record in the competition for the past seventeen years. In 2018 we were named Agency of the Year for the second time, and in 2022 we came in second place overall. This year, we naturally hope to win again, concludes Rikard Jevinger, CEO of Pyramid.
Read more about the nominations here (in Swedish).
For more information, please contact:

Rikard Jevinger, +46 10-344 68 78, 

Cristoffer Crusell, +46 10-344 66 66, 

Emma Widerberg, +46 730-86 68 75,

Rikard Jevinger

2022 23 dec

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays,

A turbulent 2022 is coming to its end. During this year, we’ve seen war break out in Europe, energy prices and inflation run wild, and a destabilized global situation emerge as the result. But during this year, we’ve also seen solidarity, generosity and people joining together to help where help is needed. A hopeful counterbalance.

In the beginning of the year, a quote started circulating: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Our overwhelming experience is that all of our clients have been just that. Kind – to their employees, their customers, their communities, and to us. For this we want to thank you deeply. We are proud to be a part of your world.

This year, instead of Christmas gifts, we’ve donated money to Help for Ukraine.

We wish you the very best of holidays, do make sure you find the time to relax with your family and friends. We will be here, ready for new great, kind projects during 2023!

We are looking forward to seeing you again January 2.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rikard Jevinger

2022 12 dec

Munters och Pyramid nominerade till 100-wattaren

100-wattaren har arrangerats av Sveriges Annonsörer sedan 1990 och belönar kommunikation som fungerar, det vill säga kommunikation som gett bevisad effekt. 2022 är Munters och Pyramid nominerade i kategorin Företag med kampanjen Munters Carbon Capture. 

Juryns motivering: Den digitala kampanjen tillsammans med annonsering i internationell fackpress har skapat stor awareness för Munters som tidigare i princip var okända inom området. Munters är nu inbjudna till de ledande aktörerna i världen som en partner för kritiska lösningar viket mycket troligt kommer att leda till stora försäljningsvolymer i samband med att de globala projekten genomförs. Läs mer på:

Rikard Jevinger

2022 30 nov

Nordic Morning, Comprend, Pyramid, Petra and Graal to become Nordic Morning

Multi-award-winning agencies Nordic Morning, Comprend, Pyramid, Petra and Graal, who have collaborated in a common business area in H&H Group, will be uniting under one brand, called Nordic Morning, during the first half of 2023. Through strong positions in digital marketing, corporate and B2B communication, the new agency will offer a unique combination of deep and broad expertise with around 300 colleagues in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsingborg, Helsinki, London, Hamburg and Gdansk.

Earlier this year, H&H Group created a business area for data- and insight-driven digital communication and marketing with Nordic Morning and Comprend as the foundation. In the summer, digital agency Petra, advertising agency Pyramid and brand agency Graal were acquired and included in the business area. The purpose of the business area, which today is working with some of the world’s leading brands, is to help clients realise strategies and create business results through communication and effective marketing technology.

Johanna Fagrell Köhler, CEO of Nordic Morning and Comprend, will become CEO of the new agency. She says:

We have seen how the collaboration within the business area has increased based on clients’ needs of our agencies’ services in digital marketing, corporate communication, and digital services development. This makes it natural to gather the agencies into one brand and organisation. The new Nordic Morning will combine strategic and tactical expertise thanks to the different agencies’ competencies that complement each other already today—competencies that will remain and be stronger together.

We will compete as a large entity with the culture and creativity of a small entrepreneurial agency. Thanks to our deep and niched expertise, we can better serve and meet the needs of our two distinct target groups within digital and data-driven marketing, communication and ICT. We will be a unique and powerful option for clients. She says.

The Nordic Morning brand is well-known in a larger market, so we have chosen to continue with it. We will however start working internally to fill the new agency with a shared vision and values before we make the official change in 2023. Johanna Fagrell Köhler continues.

Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group, comments:

We are firmly committed to building a market-leading agency by integrating all skills and capabilities needed to be a dynamic and strong partner for our clients. The new Nordic Morning will offer a unique combination of a deep understanding of value-driven marketing and effective corporate communication, underpinned by a strong technology offering that leverages results. Johanna Fagrell Köhler and her team have in short time proventhat the specialist skills we now bring together in one agency are stronger with close collaboration. I look forward to supporting the effort to create a fully integrated Nordic Morning that truly elevates client value.

The five agencies who will join forces under a shared brand are:

Nordic Morning believes in making the world a better experience. We research, advise, make and activate to encourage our clients to aim further and drive growth. The Nordic Morning team are strategically positioned across the Nordics to serve the needs of our growing Nordic client base, which includes some of the largest and most exciting brands in Europe.

Comprend is the leading digital communications agency for listed companies, large and small. We help companies succeed by understanding and inspiring their key stakeholders. Together with our customers, we solve their challenges with a combination of business communication and digital competence. The Comprend brand will remain as is in the UK for now.

Pyramid helps international B2B brands succeed by creating brand and communication strategies, including communication that moves people and drives sales. We have a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, and each effort builds a clear position while also creating effect for our customers through smart marketing solutions.

Petra challenges traditional IT in global B2B. Our core is deep behavioural and technical expertise. We offer optimized web development and hosting processes together with enhanced lead and data management to create customer experiences that continually connects.

Graal is a business-oriented brand agency, basing everything we do on insights and deep understanding of what drives human behaviour. Using strategy, behavioural science, creativity and design, we build magical brand experiences that transform brands and the people who love them.

More information 

For more information please contact:

Martin Petersson, President & CEO of H&H Group +46 709 711291

Johanna Fagrell Köhler, CEO Nordic Morning and Comprend +46 734 10 05 50

About H&H Group

H&H Group is a long-term owner of communication agencies with the ambition of being a market leader. The Group has a combined agency revenue of just over SEK 800 million with 600 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, Helsinki, Helsingborg, London, Hamburg and Gdansk. The Group consists of Nordic Morning, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Comprend, Springtime-Intellecta, Jung Relations, Creo Media Group, BerntzonBylund, Mods, Identx, Involve, Wonderland, Savvy, Consilio, Axiom Insight, Pyramid, Petra and Graal.

You can find more information here:

Rikard Jevinger

2022 29 nov

Välkommen till våra seminarier om att växa i motvind

Alla marknadsförare vet innerst inne att de borde satsa mer, inte mindre, på marknadsföring när tiderna är osäkra och det blåser motvind. När konkurrenterna hukar sig och drar in på sina marknadsinsatser är det betydligt enklare att sticka ut och synas. Ändå är det få som gör det.

Orsaken är enkel. Det är svårt att motivera en bibehållen eller ökad marknadsföringsbudget när det skärs i alla andra kostnader. Marknadsföring är dessutom en rörlig kostnad, vilket gör den relativt smärtfri att skära i – åtminstone på kort sikt.

Men det finns alltid möjligheter att göra både och: Alltså att både vara sparsam med marknadsföringspengarna och vinna nya kunder och skapa tillväxt. Det handlar, som så ofta, om att prioritera rätt saker.

För att hjälpa dig på vägen har vi sammanställt sommarens seminariedagar i Båstad till tio separata online-presentationer på ca 20 minuter som var och en ger dig inspiration hur du på bästa sätt ska utnyttja smart marknadsföring i digitala kanaler.

Lyssna på erfarenheter från Google, ESS, Alfa Laval och inte minst från våra egna experter inom digitala plattformar, Account Based Marketing, Share-of-Search och mycket mer.

Läs mer om innehållet här.
Sedan loggar du bara in. Självklart är det kostnadsfritt.

Rikard Jevinger