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2009 30 dec

Ruukki chooses Pyramid as its Scandinavian agency

After a long evaluation of business-to-business agencies focused on branding and communications, Ruukki selected Pyramid as its new Scandinavian advertising agency.

“Ruukki is strongly emphasizing the Scandinavian market. After Finland, it is now the other Scandinavian markets’ turn to expand. We will achieve this through consistent brand building efforts, and by using communication solutions and campaigns for our specific products and services in the Metals and Construction segments” says Maria Hoffstein, Ruukki’s Scandinavian Marketing Manager.

“We therefore need a strategic communications partner who can help us strengthen our brand and position through creative communication solutions. Pyramid matches our high standards for such a partner. They have a solid foundation in B2B and understand both how to develop trademarks and how to serve our daily business needs."

Ruukki has sales offices, technical centers and production facilities scattered across the country, employing over 700 people in Sweden. Its expertise is divided into three areas: construction & infrastructure construction, solutions and concepts for mechanical engineering, and steel and metal products.

“Ruukki’s needs fit our skill profile perfectly, and we also already have a strong commitment to the Scandinavian markets. A large number of ongoing projects have already started up, at the same time long-term plans are under way to develop brand and communications platform”, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid.

Pyramid’s Ruukki Working Group includes Rikard Jevinger (project manager), Micco Grönholm (brand development), Vera Porad (copy), Vladimir Eidous (AD), Jesper Petersson (production management) and Johan Warnolf, Magnus Astrom and Patrik Olsson (graphic design, production and web).

For more information, contact:
Rikard Jevinger, Account Director, Pyramid, at +46 (0)42 38 68 78,
Maria Hoffstein, Scandinavian Marketing Manager, at +46 (0)10 78 78 507,

Rautaruukki supplies metal-based components, systems and total solutions for the construction and engineering industries. The Group has a broad product and service range in metal products. The company has operations in 27 countries and 12 200 employees. Sales in 2008 amounted to 3.9 billion Euros. Shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (Rautaruukki Oyj: RTRKS). The company markets under the name Ruukki.

Ulf Vanselius

2009 18 dec

Flint Group chooses Pyramid for global product launch

Flint Group recently chose Pyramid Communication as its advertising agency partner. The assignment covers, among other things, the global launch of Flexocure FORCE™ – a new generation of printing inks with unique properties for UV flexo printing.

Flint Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inks and other products for all types of printing and has almost 8 000 employees worldwide. Flint Group Narrow Web, with its head office in Trelleborg, Sweden, is world-leading within printing inks for labels. The Flexocure FORCE™ range gives numerous benefits, including doubled printing speed.

“Pyramid showed that it best answered our needs for a strategic communication partner with the right competence and resources required to handle a global launch”, says Niklas Olsson, Global Brand Manager within the Flint Group.

“The assignment is completely in line with our competence profile and we look forward to close cooperation where we have the privilege of taking an active role in the development of such an international company as Flint Group”, says Ulf Vanselius, Managing Director of Pyramid.

“Right now Pyramid is in a strong positive trend and we have succeeded well with our offensive investment to re-enforce our role as Sweden’s most international agency”, continues Ulf Vanselius.

“Despite the recession, 2009 will be the agency’s best year ever. The principle reason for this is that we have begun cooperation with about 20 new customers, such as ABS, Atlas Copco, Carpenova, DIAB, EuroMaint, Norden Machinery, Nord-Lock, Peab, Rymdbolaget and Strålfors.”

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 (0)42 38 68 00.

Ulf Vanselius

2009 09 sep

Nord-Lock and Pyramid begin new partnership

Nord-Lock International AB, whose international marketing is based in Malmö, recently chose Pyramid as its lead communications agency. Initial assignments include developing a corporate communications platform as well as supporting an upcoming global product launch.

Nord-Lock produces and sells bolt-securing systems that serve as safe and cost effective solutions for applications with strong vibrations and high dynamic loads. The company’s production facility is located near the city of Östersund in northern Sweden, while its marketing and technical support is in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. At present, Nord-Lock offices and subsidiaries are found in 14 countries and the company serves the rest of the world through a network of partners and distributors.

‘‘We performed a careful evaluation of potential partners and Pyramid best answered our needs for a strategic communications partner with the right competence and resources to manage international assignments,” says Carin Esberg, Marketing Manager at Nord-Lock. ‘‘Nord-Lock has ambitious business expansion plans and that will need to increase our marketing efforts to realize our goals.”

‘‘Nord-Lock has both a unique product offering as well as tremendous market potential. We are already involved in mutually rewarding partnership,” says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. ‘‘The international emphasis of the work perfectly matches our agency and its competencies. We look forward to taking an active role in the development of such an ambitious company as Nord-Lock.”

The core Nord-Lock team at Pyramid are Joe Danielson, Johan Rääf and Ulf Vanselius.

For more information contact Ulf Vanselius on 042-38 68 00

Ulf Vanselius

2009 26 aug

Pyramid achieves a strong first half year, despite recession and financial crisis

Pyramid Communication continues to thrive. The first half of 2009 was its best ever, despite the recession’s effects on the advertising industry.

“We are well pleased with the year to date. Through concentrated, consistent work we have succeeded in our efforts to meet the tough economic climate," states Ulf Vanselius, Pyramid’s CEO.

“It's nice to be able to say that we have also achieved this goal by practicing what we preach. While many of our industry colleagues hunkered down to weather the storm, we went on the offensive. We hired several new people and redoubled our marketing investments. And it paid off: in the first half of 2009, we have began collaborations with 18 new customers. Financially, this means that we have essentially already secured revenue for 2009, and can thus focus vigorously on further strengthening our position as Sweden's most international agency.”

“During the year, we have participated in several agency surveys, and feel that we have a unique offer. No other Swedish advertising agency can match our combined expertise in international B2B communication. Even considering all Nordic countries, we stand well, as is clearly demonstrated by Norway Post’s decision to designate Pyramid as one of its five lead agencies for the Posten and Bring brands," Vanselius concludes.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 00.

Ulf Vanselius

2009 13 aug

Norden Machinery chooses Pyramid

Norden Machinery, with headquarters in Kalmar, Sweden, has chosen Pyramid Communication as its advertising partner. The assignments include a new communication platform, various marketing materials, and a new website.

Norden Machinery is the world’s leading supplier of tube filling systems and is a member of the Italian COESIA Group. Subsidiaries and distributors take care of sales in more than 50 countries worldwide. Customers are found within the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and toothpaste industries.

“We are in an expansive phase and see big growth opportunities despite the poor economic climate. Traditionally, the company is technically focused and has introduced many of the innovations used in the branch. Through our cooperation with Pyramid, we aim to develop our offer further and concentrate on the value that lies in the Norden brand. Our ambition is to grow significantly during the coming years”, says Björn Persson, Marketing Director of Norden Machinery.

“Norden Machinery is a company with production and sales on all continents, and therefore a customer that fits Pyramid’s competence profile perfectly. In addition, the company supplies very interesting and technically advanced solutions for tube filling where there is ample opportunity to enhance customer value”, states Ulf Vanselius, Managing Director of Pyramid Communication.

The Pyramid working group comprises:
Kristoffer Åkesson (AD), Roger Peacock (copy), Ulf Vanselius (strategic development) and Carl-Gunnar Hanson (project leader).
For more information contact: Ulf Vanselius or Carl-Gunnar Hanson, tel. +46 (0) 42 386800.

Ulf Vanselius