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2012 06 dec

Lantmännen chooses Pyramid for development of B2B communication

During the past year Lantmännen has carried out a procurement process in order to find an agency for the two divisions Lantmännen Maskin and Lantmännen Lantbruk. After a thorough evaluation process the choice finally fell on Pyramid Communication in Helsingborg. The collaboration will start with the implementation and adoption of the brand platform developed for the two divisions.

- Pyramid will help us transform our brand strategy for sharper and better communication in terms of messages and graphics.They will help us take a holistic approach to our communications efforts and make us more visible on the market so that our customers feel proud to choose us, says Anna Holmberg, Marketing Manager at Lantmännen Agriculture.

Brand and Marketing Communications Manager for Läntmännen Group Madelaine Hellqvist, further commented:

- The need for a B2B agency has become clear after we completed our extensive branding work for Lantmännen Lantbruk och Maskin. In Pyramid, we have found a partner who has a great understanding of our business and we look forward to starting the collaboration.

Lantmännen’s turnover is 38 billion USD, of which the divisions Lantbruk and Maskin accounts for about 55%. Lantmännen Lantbruk develops and markets products and services that contribute to a strong and competitive agriculture, such as the development and sale of seed, seed and feed, and the purchase and sale of grain. Lantmännen Maskin assembles its group activities (e.g. sales and service) within the categories of construction and agricultural machinery.

- We look forward to working with such a driven organization as Lantmännen. Both the products and the market are complex, which suits us fine. The brand strategy is set so now we can take it a step further and turn it into profitable marketing, says Lisa Sharp, Project Pyramid.

The collaboration with Lantmännen will begin in the late fall of 2012. The project team from Pyramid consists of: Lisa Sharp, project manager, Ulf Vanselius, communications strategist, Vera Porad Falk, copywriter, John Rääf, Art Director, and Caroline von Post, Production.

Ulf Vanselius

2012 06 jul

Pyramid helps Woody Bygghandel build its brand

Woody Bygghandel has chosen Pyramid Communications as a partner to develop its brand and strengthen its position in the Swedish market. The collaboration will begin in the fall of 2012 with an analysis phase and then be visible on the market in 2013.

Woody Bygghandel is part of the voluntary chain Interpares – a leading brand with 105 stores and nearly 7 billion in annual sales and with a clear focus on the professional and conscious customer. The chain is owned by local entrepreneurs who collaborate in areas such as purchasing, marketing, IT, environment and education.

- Pyramid is a natural choice for brand-building and coordinating communication in wide channels, such as in stores and on the web, says Peder Strömqvist CEO of Interpares, and continues:

- After half a century in the business, we are professionals in purchasing and logistics. Now we need a competent partner who can help us map out the direction so that we can communicate in the right way with our clients and prospective clients.

- Woody is a large and established player in the construction market. For us, local presence is very important and we will continue this path. At the same time we can benefit from the advantages that large-scale operations can provide in terms of communication. Naturally, we are proud to be a part in building a strong brand, says Jonas Wilensjö, Account Director at Pyramid Communication.

Pyramids working group consists of Jonas Wilensjö, project management, Micco Grönholm, brand development, Vera Porad Falk, copywriter, Henry Stierna, Art Director and Jesper Petersson, Production.

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid at 042-38 68 26 or mail

Ulf Vanselius

2012 25 jun

New major customers of web agency Petra

Petra is the first web agency in Sweden dedicated to international business, and it has had a flying start. During the spring, we have initiated collaborations with Alfa Laval, Boxon, Bring Express, HSB and PEAB. This week Pyramid also signed a major contract with Väla Centrum, which means Petra will take care of all of Väla’s communication.

January 1, 2012 web agency Petra started as a sister agency to Pyramid (ranked best business-to-business agency in Sweden for the last 6 years). The goal is to offer customers looking for a specialized web agency a partner who understands strategy and communication, and who can produce sales promotion solutions for web, mobile and social media.

- The fundament of Petra's operations is a number of Pyramid clients with a strong focus on digital communications, continues Ulf Vanselius. But the word about Petra has spread quickly, and this spring we have initiated new partnerships with Alfa Laval, Boxon, Bring Express, HSB and PEAB.

- The latest addition on the customer side, Väla Centrum, has for a while been looking for a partner with the expertise and capacity to undertake a total assignment for marketing communications. Petra will take a long-term look at the brand and develop the overall communication strategy, bearing in mind both short-and long-term goals and activities.

- The great interest in Petra has resulted in positive figures from day one. Consequently, we need to hire more staff in the fall, says Ulf Vanselius.

For more information, contact:
Ulf Vanselius, CEO of web agency Petra AB
Telephone: 0705-16 33 70,

Web agency Petra was founded in 2012 as a sister company of Pyramid Communication. Petra develops creative and commercial digital communications, Web, social media, apps for mobile devices and more. Clients include Alfa Laval, ArjoHuntleigh, Boxon, Bring Express, HSB and Peab.

Petra has more than ten employees and is located in Helsingborg.

Ulf Vanselius

2012 21 feb

Pyramid ranked best B2B agency in Sweden – for the sixth year in a row

Yesterday Pyramid was ranked best B2B agency in Sweden by the survey institute Årets Byrå (Agency of the Year), and placed fifth place among the "big advertising agencies”. Årets Byrå, administered by Regi and Dagens Industri, is the biggest and most prestigious competition in which nearly 500 Swedish communications agencies participate.

Årets byrå appoints the best agency in fourteen categories. Winner in each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating in the survey responses received from nearly 3,000 buyers of agency services. Thus, it is the customers who will decide which agency is the best.

- It's fantastic that our customers ranked us as Sweden's top B2B agency again, and also among the top five in Sweden, consumer agencies included, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. 2009 we became Agency of the Year among medium sized firms, and this year we will be competing with Sweden's really big and talented agencies.

- We have a policy to only participate in contests where the customer's opinion matters, and where an agency's business contribution to customer success is assessed over time and not on individual advertising work. It is actually the sixth year in a row that we ranked highest among the so-called business-to-business firms. It is a great honor and a proof that we are doing many things right, says Ulf.

We are also pleased about the success of two other Helsingborg agencies: Relevance who won in the category large ad agencies and Kollo who was ranked third in the category Action marketing agencies. In other words, Helsingborg continues to be an important center for Swedish advertising.

2011 was Pyramid’s strongest year ever with record sales and earnings. Prior to 2012 Pyramid invests heavily in expanding the business by starting a new web agency, Petra, Sweden's first web agency with a focus on international business. Petra began working with a handful of large customers in the beginning of the year and hired 6 people to manage the increasing volumes.

- 95% of what we produce is destined for markets outside of Sweden, so we almost never appear in the Swedish media. We get more and more strategic assignments for global companies who think we stand well in competition with agencies in the U.S. and Europe, says Ulf Vanselius.

Read more about Årets Byrå at

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius on 0705 16 33 70, 042-38 68 26 or

Ulf Vanselius

2012 01 feb

Pyramid nominated for Agency of the Year 2011

For the sixth year in a row, Pyramid Communication has earned the top ranking in the Agency of the Year competition, conducted by Regi in collaboration with Dagens Industri. Today, the nominated agencies were presented at Dagens Industri and Pyramid was one of the few nominated B2B agencies.

Agency of the Year awards the best agency in 14 categories. The winner from each category is the agency that receives the highest overall rating from the survey responses received. This year there were 500 participating agencies, of which 194 passed the qualification requirements and were then graded by 2,984 participating buyers of agency services.

“Of course we are happy for the nomination,” said Ulf Vanselius, CEO of Pyramid. “2009 we were appointed Agency of the Year in the category of medium-sized advertising agencies. Last year, we took a step up to large-sized advertising agencies, where the competition is even tougher, and was ranked best B2B agency. Of course we are aiming for the absolute top again.”

“Right now Pyramid is riding a strong, positive trend,” said Vanselius. “In 2011, we increased our revenues by almost 20% and made a record result. 2012 has started equally strong and we have already initiated new collaborations with a handful of customers and recruited five people to handle the increasing volumes. In addition we have started a new web agency named Petra”

“95% of what we produce is destined for markets other than the Swedish market, thus we are almost never seen in the Swedish media. We work with 30 Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective niches and we have gained more and more strategic engagements with global companies who think that we properly measure ourselves with our counterparts in the U.S. and Europe,” concluded Vanselius.

Learn more about Agency of the Year at:

For more information, please contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 26 or

Ulf Vanselius